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MOLLY and FROGDOG perform regularly in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA. Sign up for our email list so that we can let you know when our next show is. Sometimes it's electric and loud, sometimes it's acoustic and mellow. Sometimes Molly plays solo, sometimes there's covers and sometimes just originals. 

Molly teaches guitar and has about 10 CDs out of her original material.  It's still an independent project so any of the 10 CDs, including her past Pittsburgh bands, THE HULAS and ORANGE PUMPS, are only available through direct contact with the artists either through Molly's website or at shows.

Molly has been playing more classical and Celtic tunes with her mom on Celtic harp.  It's relaxing and can "add some ATMOSPHERE" to any event.  Some of the classical tunes include 16th century lute pieces and even Flamenco pieces.

FROGDOG has many CDs available - everything from punk rock to acoustic. Email us or come to a show!

SOME CDs available:


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