So much has happened since 06!  I bought a sailboat and am THOROUGHLY relaxed, so the music is getting a bit more mellow.  The new songs have been recorded at Mambo records in Long Beach with WADO.   Dave Fell will also be joining us on the Upright Bass.  I'll be selling the new tunes at the BLUE CAFE in HB when we play there on Sat.,  4/19.  For those of you that were coming to my shows at Aurora's in Newport Beach, you'll probably like the less noisy versions of the songs as well as the new tunes.  FROGDOG is a living, growing, organic creature, so even I'm not sure what s/he'll do at the next gig.  My job as caregiver is only to feed and water him/her and take him/her out for a walk or a swim when s/he needs exercise.  Since these shows are few and far between, try to make it out to the gig.

If you're close to Pittsburgh, PA, come to Scottdale on May 10th and enjoy "Founder's Day" with us.  My mom and I will be playing Celtic tunes (she plays the harp).  There will be crafts and lots of history about the WEST OVERTON MUSEUM, an old farm and Whiskey Distillery built in the 1800s.


4/26/06 DID A NEW VIDEO AT Adelphia Cable. Thanks STEVE AND TIM! It'll air 5/17/06 8:30pm....

2/20/06 I had a wonderful time in San Fran and Sacremento. Thanks fo Michael Olsen and Krishna Harrison's hospitality. There's great people up North!!! COME OUT TO THE ACOUSTIC SHOW THIS SAT. IN REDONDO BEACH! See Shows!

2/1/06 Dave and I are going to be on KDOC tonight. It's a performance that will finally go as scheduled! Tune in tonight at 11:30pm

1/6/06 - We had a BLAST at the JOINT last night. Special thanks to Dave, my drummer, for showing up....Barely.... HA HA!! It was the night of the missing drummers.....

1/14/06 We just filmed another show at Adelphia in Santa Monica: This one is called the MOLLY'S BORED AND DOESN"T HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO SO THAT"S WHY SHE"S ON YOUR TV" SHOW. It's a spin off of SICK CHIX. MOLLY/FROGDOG shows are airing on ADELPHIA CABEL Public Access CHANNEL 98 in HOLLYWOOD and Surrounding areas. The FROGDOG live music video is Airing 1/9 at 3pm and then the new "MOLLY SHOW" at 1/14 at 8:30pm...I think Neal's dinner theatre is airing tonight 1/6 (

HEY! I found some money from the Sugar's show in my nurses uniform!! YEAH! It's like I got paid twice!

12/17/05 Question: What happens when you mix a frog a dog and 4 long island ice teas? ANSWER:

Sugars was fun! Thanks for the strong drinks bikini-clad bartenders! What the hell happened that night? I'm still recovering.

11/23/05 TUNE INTO KDCE tonight at 11:30pm and check out DARVY's show featuring local Orange County aritists. Dave and I did a taping yesterday for them and they are great people....and you know how I love supporting the LOCAL SOCAL aritists!!

11/22/05...FROGDOG sends greetings from PLANET EARTH......thanks for the fish and chips Gallagher's and a happle special birthday to LAURI. Happy Turkey day tomorrow! Don't eat too much!

11/7/05: Dave and I did a TV SHOW called FROGDOG ROCKS and it will air on Public Access/Adelphia Cable station 98 for most of LA. 11/26, Sat. at 7pm. Thanks to BRENDA, STEVE, DIANE and GAIL at ADELPHIA!

10/31/05 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This is my FAVORITE Holiday! We played a gig with PYROEROGENIZER that was FABULOUS at Coconuts in San Clemente. A great way to be welcomed home from my trip to Pennsylvania to visit my family and from NY where I met Kofi's family at the CREAM gig....

Kofi ( and I are back from NY where we went to see his dad play in CREAM....I almost cried it was so cool. At the after party I saw so many stars I thought I was going to pass out! But that didn't matter as much as it was to see those legendary musicians in action. A show happens once and then it's over....I'm really glad I was there!



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